Our Key Stages

Our classes are three stages

Pre-school stage, Key stage 1 and key stage

Key stage 1 are made up of Elementary 1 and Elementary 2

Stage Class Age
Crèche From 2 months to 1 year 6 months
Pre-School Stage Kindergarten 1 From 1yr 6 months  to 2yrs
Pre-School Stage Kindergarten 2 Between 2+  and 3+
Pre-School Stage Nursery 1 Between 3+  and 4+
Pre-School Stage Nursery 2 Between 4+  and 5+
Key stage 1 Elementary 1 Between 5+  and 6+
Key stage 1 Elementary 2 Between 6+  and 7+
Key stage 2 Elementary 3 Between 7+  and 8+
Key stage 2 Elementary 4 Between 8+  and 9+
Key stage 2 Elementary 5 Between 9+  and 10+

At Genius Kids Academy pupils in the EYFS; the Nursery and Kindergarten follow the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ produced by the Department for Education in Britain, The Montessori curriculum and the Nigerian curriculum . The EYFS curriculum is organized into the areas of learning: –

Personal, social and emotional development, Communication, language and literacy Problem Solving, reasoning and numeracy, Knowledge and understanding of the world, Physical development, Creative development


At Genius Kids, these areas are covered through a variety of topics, which incorporate many practical tasks so the children have hands on experience of doing things for themselves. We are fortunate to have access to outside areas from each of our Nursery and Kindergarten classrooms so there are ample opportunities for children to cover these areas of learning outside of the classroom as well as in it. From Kindergarten 2 children begin to follow the Abacus Math scheme, which continues into Nursery. This scheme has many practical activities that build on the mathematical activities covered in Nursery 1.


These schemes both build on the previous language and literacy activities covered in the Nursery classes. All children in the EYFS at Genius Kids Academy are encouraged to enjoy and share books with each other, individually and with an adult. Regular visits to the Pre-Prep library occur throughout the year from Nursery 1.


Assessment in the Nursery is done in line with the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ and in the Kindergarten the Foundation Stage Profile is completed as per statutory requirements. Teachers also keep their own records and work closely with the teaching assistants so that all children are working at their potential and extra support or extension activities can be given to individuals or groups as appropriate. Due to the small class sizes, with a maximum of 19 in any one class, many children in Kindergarten classes begin to move onto Nursery One activities in the summer term.