Genius Kids Academy is designed to offer the highest quality curricular, co-curricular (Arts, Music, Dance, Drama etc.) and extra-curricular (Swimming, Football, Aerobics, Ballet, Taekwondo, etc.) programs. This facility accommodates our learners from Crèche to Elementary Level.


  • Well trained academic and non-academic Staff
  • Standby Generator and Inverter power source
  • Well fenced, secure and friendly environment
  • Integrated Nigeria, British, Montessori and International Baccalaureates  Curriculum
  • Comfortable and well supervised facilities
  • Well-equipped music room
  • Technologically advanced libraries
  • Technologically advanced ICT
  • Science laboratories
  • Vocational/ Technology labs
  • Home economics lab
  • Multifunctional classrooms
  • Spacious and well equipped outdoor and indoor play area
  • Staffed medical Centre
  • School Buses
  • All necessary safety equipment (Fire alarms, hoses, sprinklers etc.)
  • Well equipped Sports/ Recreational arena (Swimming pool)


Our Environment

Genius Kids Academy is a home away from home educationally designed to stimulate lifelong learning. It is a place full of interesting things to do, but also a place where you can take time out and just be yourself.


The environment is friendly and cozy and we work hand in hand with the parents to achieve their dream of giving their children the best education they can have.


Our school environment is critically designed to encourage exploration, communication and the development of relationships at all levels. Everything reflects a dedication to quality, beauty and to the children’s abilities to do things for themselves ( Montessori method); we pay great attention to how the schoolrooms are laid out.

Everything in our classroom is made to be easily accessible to children of all ages and abilities including our chairs, tables, educational materials etc. Everything has its place and all the materials are neatly arranged.

Our healthy and stimulating environment promotes wellness, embraces nature and inspires the child’s natural desire to learn, explore and develop their God giving potentials.