Co-curricular Activities


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At GKA we are aware that to develop a total child, extra curricular activities are of great importance.
We have a strong bias for co-curriculum activities, which are like stimulants and helpful to the academic, intellectual and physical development of the pupils. That is why we operate a wide range of cultural activities and clubs in the school. These activities include:

Home makers club: Teaches different aspects of home management, clothing and textile, food and nutrition, knitting, crocheting, sewing, bead making, cooking, craft works and etiquette. The pupils are charged for this

Red Cross: The members will learn the use of items used in fist aid, minor wound dressing. We can discuss with an official of the Red-Cross society who will be available to instruct the pupils on this.

Ballet: Children are taught ballet dance. We can get an external instructor to handle this. The pupils are charged for this.

Chess and Scrabble club: Research shows that there is a strong correlation between learning to play chess and academic achievement, especially in Mathematics and non-verbal reasoning ability. It will develop the cognitive and literary abilities of members while having fun. Playing chess will achieve the following for the pupils and also enhance the image of the school;
• It will raise their IQ
• It will exercise both sides of their brain
• It will increase their creativity
• It increases problem solving skills
• It improves reading skills
• It improves concentration
The Scrabble game helps members develop a rich bank of vocabularies that enables them to be good communicators.

Math Rider Club: This helps its members to boost confidence in the area of Mathematics

Writers Club: In this club, the members will learn and stimulate their creative writing skills. They will be thought the skills and procedures for writing fables, biographies, auto biographies, articles, poems, novels, and every form of writing.