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Our Kindergarten

The Genius Kids Academy Kindergarten is a unique, child centered space carefully created to nurture the early years of children’s lives.

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Our Nursery

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the National Curriculum for Genius Kids Academy clearly identifies seven key learning areas (KLAs) used as the foundations for a nursery programme.

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Our Elementary

We provide a broad curriculum which includes art, music lessons, drama and plenty of sporting options. The knowledge, skills and attitudes of religion and design education are included with other areas of the curriculum.

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Genius Termly Teachers Training Program

Termly Teacher Training Program If you are looking for an organization that places high premium on its staff members, you do not need to go far; your best bet is Genius Kids Academy  The Termly Teacher Training Program is a forum for bringing all our teachers together for intensive training and sharing of the school’s focus for […]

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2015/ 2016 ADMISSION

 Genius Admission Information If you are considering enrolling at Genius Kids Academy for the 2015/2016 Academic session, kindly walk into our admission office for enquiries, call  or send us an email. You can also read through our admission requirements and download the admission form.  2015/ 2016 ACADEMIC SESSION RESUMPTION Monday, September 14, 2015

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